Choose your subscription

The therapeutic and training programs are designed to last one year, but we offer you the possibility to purchase them through a monthly subscription  that you can cancel whenever you want.

You can buy a single plan or several plans (ex: Yoga + Functional / Yoga + Weight-Lifting)

You can combine the PREMIUM extension to all BASIC plans, for a personalized experience specific for your needs.

For the Postural Yoga Basic plan we also offer you the opportunity to take advantage of a free one-week trial, to get to know us.

There are no more excuses, you are in control of everything: take care of your body wherever you want, when you want and in the ways you prefer.


What are you waiting for to start your journey?

Tariffe mensili

  • PosturalYoga Basic

    Every month
    Perfetto per tutti, da principianti ad esperti
     7 day free trial
    • 2 sessioni terapeutiche a settimana non personalizzate
  • WORKOUT Funzionale

    Every month
    Programma di allenamento funzionale
    • 2 allenamenti funzionali per te a settimana
  • WORKOUT Sala Pesi

    Every month
    Programma di allenamento mensile per sala pesi
    • 2 allenamenti sala pesi per te a settimana
  • Estensione PREMIUM

    Every month
    Acquistabile solo in associazione ad un piano Basic
    • Anamnesi online di valutazione funzionale
    • Personalizzazione via mail dei piani terapeuti o workout
    • Rivalutazione periodica online
    • Controllo Obiettivi