Our Training Programs at a Glance

Our training programs are designed to integrate our therapy programs or just have a a training function. 

WORKOUT programs offer you three training sessions per month, with your choice of functional “home” training or weight room training.

You can integrate the BASIC plan, not personalized, with the PREMIUM extension, which includes postural anamnesis, plans designed for specific objectives for you and your needs as well as periodic reassessment of your results

Lezione di llenamento funzionale (Functional Training, Total Body, Circuit Training...)

Functional Workout

Functional training (FT, Total Body, Circuit Training ...) is a type of training that is based on exercise programs that include for the most part "natural" movements that aim at toning up both superficial and deep muscles. The synergistic contraction of several muscle groups allows you to work on the whole body, cutting it without excessively increasing its volumes. In addition, this training methodology develops all the physical abilities of your body, provides always different exercises and improves your motor skills and your coordination in everyday movements.

Dott. Giancarlo Pittalis - Laurea in Scienze Motorie

Dr. Giancarlo Pittalis

Degrees in sports science (1994-1998)

- Specialization in Pilates Matwork
- Specialization in "Athletic preparation in athletes"
- Specialization in "preparation for aptitude tests for law enforcement"
- Integrated training and many years of practical experience in functional training, total body and circuit training.

Weigh-Lifting Workout

Weight training is essential for both men and women and since it allows you to develop different skills such as strength and muscle volume through workouts carried out with the help of weights and machines. It can be set in different ways in order to enhance some abilities rather than others (strength, endurance, muscle power, volume ...). Furthermore, it is responsible for numerous benefits such as: the increase of basal metabolism (more calories are consumed at rest), the reduction of fat in favor of muscle mass, improvement in bone density (lower risk of osteoporosis or osteopenia) as well as maintaining cardiovascular health and thus prevent diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Allenamento pesi

Dr. Alessio Casu

FIF Italian fitness federation:


I level fitness instructor

- II level fitness instructor

- Barbell instructor, training planning and fitness technician 

- Special training - Training and assessment of motor skills


Certified "Personal trainer" and specialization in female training - Functional Training


ELAV research and advanced training for physical education:

Basic & Expert certification


Degree in sports science


ISSA (International sports sciences association)

CFT2 certified intermediate level fitness trainer

CPT3 entry level postural fitness

CFN3 fitness nutritionist entry level  


Master's degree course in science and techniques of preventive and adapted motor activities. 

Dott. Alessio Casu FIT Federazione Italiana Fitness Laurea in Scienze Motorie