Our Treatment Plans at a Glance

Our therapeutic programs  are a valid alternative to stay healthy and fit, to take care of your body in the correct way from the comfort of your own home. 

You can do them where and when you want: just a few minutes a day.  

You can integrate the BASIC plan, not personalized, with the PREMIUM extension, which includes postural anamnesis, plans designed for specific objectives for you and your needs, periodic reassessment of online results

Rieducazione Posturale

Postural rebalancing

The exercises that make up this type of therapeutic program are aimed at restoring the correct relationships between the various body muscle chains through precise work on the diaphragm, abdominal muscles and flexor muscles of the neck. This will also be achieved with the help of specific breathing and correct positioning of the body segments.


In these therapeutic programs the main component that is treated is that relating to balance, both static and dynamic, providing a series of exercises that will help to increase and improve the specific abilities of the individual.

Piani Terapeutici finalizzati all'Equilibrio Statico e Dinamico
Piani Terapeutici finalizzati allo sviluppo e miglioramento della forza muscolare


In this category of therapeutic programs the main focus will be on the development and improvement of resistant strength in conditions of muscular stretching and static balance.  The strengthening of the muscular structures, in particular of the joint stabilizers, has been shown to be helpful in the resolution of painful symptoms affecting the shoulders, hip, knee and other joints.


The goal that will be pursued with these therapeutic programs is to make the muscle fibers of the muscles involved as well as all the related connective structures (ligaments, tendons) more elastic and flexible. The shortening of these structures is in fact one of the reasons behind the onset of pain in both young people and adults, especially in the more sedentary categories of workers (office work, prolonged driving or prolonged standing times).

Piani terapeutici finalizzati all'elasticità delle fibre muscolari